Friday, August 24, 2007

Butch's return home-day 2

Butch called late tonight to say that he is in Miles City, Montana after having set a new personal record of 625 miles today. He said that he took my advise and drove 75 to 80 mph most of the day-with four hours today at 80 mph . He was traveling 80 mph when two crazy Beemers passed him like he was parked.He left at about 8 this morning and got to his motel about 7pm - to late to call his lovely wife whose time zone is 3 hours ahead of him. He stated that he was on I-90 and I-94 all day, and that tomorrow he will cut up to Route 2 for the rest of the way home. He stated that he should be in Minnesota tomorrow, and home by Sunday or Monday. Butch wanted me to let his family and friends know that he has been weaned from Mountain Dew. Here is the story: traveling to Alaska, we had to stop every 45 minutes to an hour so that Butch could empty his bladder. When we got to Alaska, his son Lucas and I convinced Butch that it was the Dew that was causing this bladder urgency so often. Coming back from Alaska, we could go 3-3 1/2 hours without Butch having to stop. He has sworn off the Dew, and wanted me to let everyone know that he is weaned.

Roberta, please keep us informed as to how long this will last. ;-)

I REALLY miss my Brother and riding with him-I feel as though I'm letting him down by not being there with him. But I also know that my vacation is over and that his will be over soon also.

Ride hard and ride safe, are in my prayers.


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