Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 11 - 18 Aug 2007

We left Whitehorse at 9:15am.........temperature a balmy 58 degrees, blue skies, sunny, with good roads. Stopped at Rancheria Lodge (where we stayed when my bike broke down) and had lunch and good conversation with our friends Linda and Denis who own the place. Denis had a motorcycle bell for me, and placed it on my bike next to my other bell so that I would have twice as much luck. He asked what route we were taking back, and after we told him, he said that it was a beautiful drive, but to be careful of the Buffalo that like to mill about on the highway...but whatever you do, don't blow your horn at them, because it just irritates them and they have been known to charge at automobiles. As we were leaving, we met another couple who also stopped in for lunch who were also riding their his and her Harley's to Washington state. They left their home in Alaska at the same time as we did, and spent the night in Whitehorse just as we did. We talked a bit and hit the road once more.

Butch and I both agree that
today's ride was the best ride of all thus far......based on the good roads, the warm temperatures, and the wildlife or "critters" that we saw today. We saw Mountain Sheep, Caribou, one Black Bear, and of course, the Buffalo. The first Buffalo was lying down next to the roadway sunning himself. I stopped to get some photos, and we moved on. Shortly thereafter, we came across a herd of Buffalo, with a cow and her calf in the roadway. I got as close as I dared to so that I wouldn't spook them with my loud bike, so that I could get some photos. I looked behind me and Butch was a 1/4 mile behind me! I motioned for him to come up to me and he said, quote, "NO!". I shot several photos and this time yelled at Butch to join me. He did. He then asked me what we were going to do with the cow and calf on the roadway. I told him that I would lead, and for him to follow me, and once we got by the Buffalo, he could resume his lead dog position. As soon as I got next to the cow and her suckling calf, I laid on my horn button, and didn't let up until we had gotten past the entire herd that was off to the right of the roadway. By the time Butch pulled up to me yelling about me hitting the horn button, I once again had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. For some reason, he is still upset with me over that little incident, claiming that I am trying to kill him. We then arrived at the Northern Rocky Lodge, where everything was overpriced. No phones in the rooms, and to use the existing :public" phone was ridiculous. The internet service provided was using THEIR PC and you was timed at $5.00 for 20 minutes. So we went to bed early so we could get an early start. We rode 10 hours today - time for bed.

What we learned today:

1. Butch and I rate today's ride the best of all thus far.

2. The Yukon and British Columbia are
absolutely gorgeous. But I think repeat myself. ;-)

3. Good people can be found any where in the world.

4. Buffalo don't respond to a Harley horn - even when you are next to them.

5. We miss our spouses even more today than yesterday.

6. We have been very blessed on this little adventure.

Butch and Jim

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