Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 14 - 21 Aug 2007

Butch and I arrived safely in Everett at about 7pm after traveling about 400 miles through some breath taking country. We did stop to take a few photos, which I will post tomorrow. Today's ride was a perfect weather day - no rain, no hail. Will post more tomorrow about today's ride and will include the photo's and will keep this blog going until Butch reaches home. I've asked him to call me each night with particulars to add to the blog until he gets home after an additional 2400 miles. He's my hero!

Butch and Jim


mustang02 said...

Welcome back home boys. Tam and I were watching an Everett Aquasox game about the time you pulled in....we were thinking about you.

Butch, are we going to get a chance to you see you before you leave for MI? I'll be underway the rest of the week, but Tam and kids would love to come down and say hi.

Take care, G

Potter Fam said...

I'm sad to see this adventure end! I love the blog and the stories that have come out of it. They are very entertaining!! Thank you for sharing your adventures with all your friends and family. It will be something none of us will ever tire of hearing. The grandkids will love the pictures of Grandpa in leather and riding on his Harley adventure. I'm glad you two have had a wonderful bonding experience! See how much fun a family reunion could be!! Take care and I hope you have a good rest before your last 2400 miles, Daddy!!