Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 6 - 13 Aug 2007

By 8 am we were packed and ready to go with the temperature a balmy 58 degrees. But........before we could leave, some ladies from Tokyo wanted to take some photos of the two handsome Harley dudes. (her words, not mine ;-) ) After the photo session, we started off........and Butch's bike started right off. He thinks that the bike had some bad gas, and I tend to agree with him, since I can vouch that the owner of the bike has the same problem.

We traveled for about an hour, and since this was a short riding day, we stopped and had a real breakfast. I'm already liking Alaska a lot!

The beauty that we saw riding this day is awesome, to say the least. We did stopped for a couple of photos, and will try to post them tonight.

As we approached Anchorage, the traffic picked up and we were on our first 4-lane highway in 5 days. The temperature kept rising, and soon Butch and I had to stop to take off our jackets.......for the first time since we started this little adventure. It is hard to believe that we had to travel all the way to Alaska to hit temperatures close to 80 degrees.

We stopped at the local Harley dealership to see about getting a rear tire for Butch's bike, and continued on until we arrived at Butch's sons' home at about 5pm after traveling only 385 miles today.

Things we learned today:

1. It's good to eat a good breakfast.

2. The beauty of Alaska is STUNNING!

3. Alaska has warm temperatures, green grass, flowers, and Mexican food (my favorite).

4. Butch's little grand daughter is a cutie!

5. We have been blessed on this little adventure.

Butch and Jim


Anonymous said...

Awesome! What an exciting adventure! You guys seem to be having a blast. Be safe, and good luck coming home. Aaron.

Jerry said...

Just found the site tonight. Glad it has been eventful but safe. That is the best way to build memories. Remember a great climber once said, "Getting to the summit is only 1/3 of the journey. Getting back home is what makes a successful journey." May your return trip be as fun and memorable. --Jerry

Anonymous said...

I'm in favor of Tom Cat for 2 weeks, but it wouldn't be even close to as great an adventure. Continue to have fun, stay safe.. Dave & Mary

Diana said...

I'm so jealous. Makes me want to go back to Alaska! It's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your adventure. Be safe. Diana