Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 9 - 16 Aug 2007

We left Kenai, Alaska at 9am this morning to 52 degree temperatures and a light rain.
The rain soon stopped, and by the time we got to Anchorage, the sun was shining and it was much warmer. We stopped to take a photo of a glacier, and took off our extra clothes-it was that warm. Just before arriving at our B&B for the night, we stopped at a place called the "burger bus" for dinner. I will try to upload the photos tonight so that you can witness us eating outside in short sleeved shirts due to the wonderful weather that Alaska is famous for.

Butch knows no strangers. As I write this blog, he has captured the owners attention with his many stories concerning just about everything in this world. The owners now know more about Butch's history than I do ;-)

We will take off tomorrow and ride to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Of course, we won't leave to early due to the wild life crossing the highway, or as Butch calls them, "critters".

The owners of the B&B said that we are a little late in the season for traveling by motorcycle, but we should be alright. I will try to upload photos of this beautiful B&B tonight, which the owners claim is the cheapest place on the highway.

Things we learned today:

1. We are blessed.

2. Alaska has a ton of small air-strips along the highways. The owner of the B&B stated that these are all privately owned planes, for the most part. The state runs some of these, and use them for emergency purposes primarily. The planes in Alaska right now use wheels and/or floats, but in the winter, they are equipped with skies and land just about anywhere. Amazing.

3. Alaska has been the warmest part of our trip thus far........I never would have guessed that.

4. Alaska is very similar to the Seattle area. It is very green, has a lot of water, and a lot of rain (so I have heard from many different sources). It's similarity ends when winter sets in. ;-)

5. Butch and I would like to bring our lovely spouses to Alaska sometime - but not on a motorcycle.

So I will leave the blog and upload photos now.

See ya tomorrow.....

Butch and Jim

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george & clarine review said...

I like the Anchorage area. I met the mother of my children there. She was teaching school, and I was in the army. I spent well over a year in that area - four hours of daylight in the winter. In the summer it never gets completely dark around the 4th of July.