Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 1 - 8 Aug 2007

We are spending the night in Williams Lake, British Columbia, 3 hours shy of our Prince George original destination. Jim couldn't get his act together this morning, so we didn't leave until 9am. We drove a total of 406 miles in 10 hrs and 10 minutes through rain, heat, high mountains, traffic, construction, and more rain. This is beautiful country.....and fortunate to have the opportunity to see it from the back of a bike - thank you Jeannine and Roberta for making this trip possible.

A couple things was learned today....

1. Butch is the lead dog. Jim drives to fast, Butch obeys the speed limits.....thus, Butch is lead dog.

2. Jim is to busy singing along with Garth Brooks to notice things like Elk and highway signs - thus Butch is lead dog.

3. The rain gear works - it was worth the expense. We road in some heavy rain today, and we are both dry at the end of the day.

4. Butch's butt hurts, Jim's doesn't. Conclusion......the old man still has it!

5. Crossing the border was so simple, all we did was show our driver's license and smiled at the pretty customs agent. No passport asked for...........nothing. We both still got it!

6. We will be getting up at 5am tomorrow to continue our adventure.

Jim & Butch


Darla said...

Have fun guys! Maybe Butch butt hurts because he's been on his bike that additional 2400 miles?? And Jim I'm sure you still got it! =)) Darla Dunkin

Harry said...

I can make your return to the U.S. interesting if you want. I mean if it was too easy to get into Canada I can make sure it is really, really hard to get back into the U.S.! You know, the full variety of body searches, stripped bikes (the coke is in the tires, tear 'em off!) Just let me know, I'll add you guys to all the fun watch lists and then the enjoyment will start!

lkmpeless said...

So, I'm curious. Has anybody heard from the great white travelers to the North? Have you already been eaten by Grizzlies? Or did the moose jump you on the side of the road while taking a photo op?

We are eagerly awaiting the next posting. Hope everything is going well for you two and Micali awaits Grandpa's arrival to play with her.