Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 2 - 08/09/07

Started the day at 6:45am to 40 degree temps and a wet fog. Today we saw most weather conditions: fog, sunshine, clouds,and rain. Not a bad rain, but a light rain a couple times during the day. Saw plenty of "deer", "elk", and "moose" caution signs-and saw both deer and elk, but no moose. Strange that British Columbia doesn't post "bear" caution signs, because we saw a total of seven black bears on four different occassions. Encounter 1- a large black bear crossed the road in front of us causing us to hit the brakes and slow down. Encounter 2- we came upon two black bear cubs playing in the middle of the highway. A vehicle coming at us had stopped to watch the cubs play, so of course we stopped also. Soon the mother bear came out of the brush, scolded the two cubs (most likely male ;-) ), and off they went. Encounter 3- An even larger black bear SLOWLY crossed the road in front of us, causing us to seriously slow down. Butch said that this was probably a male due to its size. Enounter 4- A black bear and her cub was spotted about 8-10 feet of to our right side feeding-neither looked up as two Harleys passed so close to them. So many bears today......what a thrill!!

We arrived at Bell ll (our hotel) after traveling for 13.5 hours and 605 miles.

Things learned today:

1. New, stiff, gloves hurt your fingers and hands within 250 miles.

2. Spending 13.5 hours in the saddle is insane.

3. Ya, we would do it all over again.

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lkmpeless said...

See, the bears aren't as bad as everyone says they are. You really should have taken tents to camp out along the way.